9ct Yellow, White & Rose Gold

9ct gold is a versatile material that can be used in many jewellery applications, including rings and pendants. It comes in three main colours, yellow, white and rose gold, with yellow being the truest shade to its original form. 9ct gold combines the classic appearance of gold with cheaper production, allowing the precious metal to be adorned by people throughout the globe. It is a good introductory precious metal for children, but is equally popular with adults, who understand that larger pieces can be made from the metal for less financial outlay than a smaller gold jewellery item made of 18ct gold.

What is 9ct gold?

9ct gold is seen as a modern metal, but it might surprise you to know that it was actually first hallmarked in the UK in 1854, and has remained popular ever since. It is made using a mixture of silver, gold and copper in varying degrees to give the gold its colour. To be classified as 9ct gold, the final metal must have 37.5% pure gold in it. The other precious metals used in the mix determine the durability of the jewellery item. Gold is a soft metal, whereas silver is harder than it, and copper close behind. These are used to transform the gold into a workable metal suitable for cutting, forming and wearing without damage.

What is the difference between yellow, white & rose gold?

9ct yellow gold comprises 37.5% gold, 42.5% silver and 20% copper and has a traditional yellow tone. 9ct white gold is 37.5% gold and 62.5% silver giving it a shimmering silver tone and 9ct rose gold is made up of 37.5% gold, 20% silver and 40% copper to give it a creamy-pink shade suitable for modern and traditional designs.

Yellow gold

Which gold tone you choose is down to personal preference. For those with warm skin tones, we think that yellow gold is hard to beat, giving a traditional look to pendants, earrings and rings. Yellow gold makes us think of the hot beating sun, ancient Celtic patterns and ornate jewellery designs favoured in India and Pakistan.

White gold

White gold has become a contemporary choice for many newlyweds who want an engagement ring that showcases glittering white diamonds in delicate settings. It mimics the appearance of sophisticated platinum, making it a good choice for geometric art deco designs that invoke the crisp lines of the Empire State Building and Clarice Cliff pottery. It is ideal against pale skin, and adds an ethereal, Snow Queen-esque adornment against blue eyes and blonde hair.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a great go-between metal, looking equally stunning against fair, rosy complexions as it does against warm chocolate tones. It bridges the gap between contemporary designs and the traditional patterns seen in Edwardian jewellery, adding versatility to the wearer’s look.