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Our bespoke experience throws back the curtains and lets you be at the heart of the jewellery design. From engagement rings, to wedding bands, to a unique piece of jewellery for a special occasion, our talented experts will walk you step-by-step through the whole process. Why settle for off the shelf when you can have something truly unique? Let us get to know you and together we’ll create your masterpiece.

"It’s Easy to Spot a Bespoke Engagement Ring a Mile Away."

Janet Bradley - Co-founder

How It Works

The Bradleys Experience

Step 1 - The Enquiry

It all starts when you book an appointment. Prior to your appointment you will be contacted by one of our bespoke consultants. This is your chance to tell us about your brief. The more detailed the enquiry, the easier it will be for us to create your dream piece of jewellery.

Step 2 - The Design

Working closely with our talented in-house design team, you can share your thoughts and tastes whilst your designer hand sketches some ideas. Our gemologist will then show you a curated collection of beautiful stones that will fit into both the style of the design and your budget, if required.

Step 3 - The Approval

Once you have your final design, we’ll create a 3d drawing so you can see your design being brought to life. We can even provide you with a full scale wax model. Once you’re happy with everything simply sign off on the design with a small deposit we will start the 3 week transformation.

Step 4. The Build

We use time tested techniques and loving craft and hand finish each piece to perfection to ensure strength, beauty, and durability that will last for generations. We can also engrave a special message on the ring, even in your own handwriting.

Step 5 - The Reveal

Finally, your custom creation is presented in one of our luxurious presentation boxes, complete with a bespoke booklet containing beautifully rendered images detailing the entire journey from concept to completion.

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What if you could have a truly one-of-a-kind engagement or wedding ring? Something you knew, no one else in the world owns. Something that tells your story, that symbolises your love for one another, that you could pass down to your children. For most people, paying for that kind of craftsmanship just isn’t realistic... Until now.