18ct Yellow Gold

Classic and timeless, yellow gold is making a comeback in contemporary fine jewellery. Its warm tones weave history into vintage-inspired pieces while its traditional feel adds a sense of old-world elegance to any attire.

What is 18ct Yellow Gold?

18ct yellow gold is a combination of 75% (or 18 parts per 24) pure gold alongside a metal alloy - often copper or silver - which creates a more robust, yet still workable material.

As purity increases so does the gold’s malleability. In its purest form - all 24cts of it - yellow gold may have an unmatched deep lustre but it becomes too easily scratched and bent out of shape to be useful in jewellery. As such, you can expect 18ct yellow gold to be the purest, most expensive form of gold you’ll find in rings, necklaces, and so on. It still offers a tarnish-resistant, unmistakable deep shine but is hardier and less easily damaged than its 24ct counterpart.

The most hypoallergenic and purest of the gold variants, yellow gold has long been revered. The ancient Egyptians considered it the “flesh of the gods”, and en-shrined Tutankamun in three coffins each made of solid gold. Today, gold bars are still a statement of wealth and power, and the use of yellow gold in fine jewellery echoes that sense of timeless luxury.

18ct Yellow Gold Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

It may have fallen out of favour in the 1990s and 2000 when white gold, platinum, and other white coloured precious metals became a la mode for rings, but testament to its status throughout ancient and modern history, yellow gold is once again having a renaissance.

With its historic, timeless qualities, an 18ct yellow gold ring is an excellent choice for brides looking for a traditional twist on their modern-day vows. While it works particularly well with vintage ring designs, yellow gold looks far from dated. Pair it with contemporary diamond settings to add contrast and vibrancy for eye-catching pieces.

Buried with Egyptian Pharaohs, used as currency, and revered as a royal adornment for thousands of years, yellow gold has weathered every change in fashion and remains, to this day, the ultimate symbol of status, wealth, and opulence.

The long lifespan & relative purity of 18ct yellow gold also reflects the everlasting love symbolised by your wedding vows. It brings deep meaning to your choice of jewellery and a sense of the timeless commitment you are making to each other.

Caring For Your 18ct Yellow Gold Jewellery

Given its relatively high purity and softness, 18ct yellow gold will scratch and become misshapen over time. With proper care and attention, however, your yellow gold jewellery will last well beyond your lifetime and will become a treasured heirloom to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

We recommend you store your yellow gold jewellery in a cloth-lined box, or soft bags to prevent scratching. Regularly clean it - gentle commercial gold cleaners are easily available online - with a soft cloth, and take it into your jeweller once a year for a deep clean and polish to brighten any tarnished, dull areas.