The Basics

Rubies are part of the corundum family of minerals. They fetch the highest price per carat of the three precious coloured gemstones (emeralds, rubies, and sapphires).

They symbolise love, and are considered perfect for brides-to-be. Wearing a ruby stone is said to recharge one’s energy levels.

Rubies are mined in Thailand, India, Australia, Namibia, Japan, Columbia, and even Greenland.


Deeper shades of red are a sign of finer quality. The ideal shape for Rubies is oval, as this helps to enhance colour and vibrancy, giving a more concentrated appearance.

Many famous vintage Art Deco designs made use of rubies.

"The best ruby colour is not too dark. The stone should be as clear as possible, but you should expect some lines or markings — it’s very unusual for a ruby to be completely translucent."

Michael Isaac - Head Gemologist

Historical Background

As long ago as the first century AD, Roman scholars noted rubies for their hardness and density. These precious gems were prized by the ancient Hindus and royalty down through the ages; they were considered a talisman for peace, but were also used to protect ancient warriors in combat.

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