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Keeping your ring looking immaculate requires regular care and ‘check ups.’ Although diamonds and precious metals are relatively durable and not easily damaged, it’s best to maintain a few simple habits to avoid deterioration, including regular cleaning and checks.

For proper care, follow these simple rules:

Prevent damage

Store it separately

Don’t store your ring with other jewellery. Always keep it separate to prevent damage caused to or by other items.

Remove it before swimming or spa use

Protect your ring from chlorine in pools and cosmetic products and excessive sweating in spas by taking it off.

Always pick up your ring from the band

When you pick up your ring from the centre stone, it can become loose. Also, avoid touching the stone to prevent any buildup from your skin’s natural oils.

Remove your ring before cleaning the house

Always take your ring off before coming into contact with household cleaning products (including bleach, furniture polish, etc.) or abrasive liquids (paint or hair dye).

Clean Your Ring

It’s common for rings to collect build-up from hand washing, showering, and use of cosmetics such as moisturisers, makeup or perfume. Daily wear also causes dirt and oil to build up. We, therefore, recommend that you clean it regularly at home (at least once a month) and send it back to us for a complimentary inspection, clean, and polish once a year.

How to clean your ring at home

Easily clean your ring at home every month by following these simple steps:

Step One

Take a spoon to stir lukewarm water and one full drop of dish detergent in a small bowl. Avoid using chlorine-based cleaner, which can react chemically with the precious metal of your ring.

Step Two

Place and leave your ring in the soapy water for 10 minutes to break down oil and dirt.

Step Three

Remove your ring and clean it with a soft bristle brush (you may use a soft toothbrush). Gently brush each side, especially the edges and the back of the ring.

Step Four

Place your ring back in the bowl of soapy water and continue brushing it to wash off any loosened dirt.

Step Five

Turn on clean running water to rinse your ring. Don’t forget to plug the drain!

Step Six

Use a microfibre cloth or hair dryer to dry your ring. If you let it air dry instead, you may notice water stains on your diamond.

Keep in mind: Avoid using bleach and other abrasive chemicals when cleaning your jewellery as it could damage the metal and your ring’s finish.

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