Watch Buying Guide

How to choose the right watch to fit your budget?

When you imagine investing into a beautiful timepiece, what comes to mind? You think of high quality. Premium materials. And durability that will last a lifetime. At Bradleys, we understand that a luxury timepiece is more than just a wrist accessory, it’s a statement to the world. But that doesn’t mean it needs to break the bank. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to buy the right luxury timepiece to suit your needs and tastes.

1. Get to know your brands

It’s true there is no lack of choice of brands out there, each with varying degrees of quality and history. There are brands ranging from 5-10 years old to established, luxury brands that are over 100 years old - such as TAG heuer. In general, timepieces that are Swiss or British made have the best reputation. The quality and durability of watches from brands such as Bremont, Longines and Tag Heuer is known worldwide.

2. Where are you buying the watch from?

Believe it or not, people can spend upto 20-30% of the value of their watch getting it fixed or maintained.

This can be very costly.

To avoid this, check the brands website to see their official list of stockists. If a re-seller has not been approved to sell the brand, it can be a red flag.

Most luxury watch brands come with a 2 or 3 year warranty, so you know that any potential faults in that time are covered.

Product Quality + Durability

A watch that is designed with both comfort and durability in mind is your best bet.  Not only will it look and feel great, but you can rest assured that it will last. 

Brands like Tag Heuer, Longines and Bremont all use sapphire crystal glass, second only to diamond in its hardness. If you opt for an automatic model, there’s no need for batteries either, as the watch will charge itself. It’s important to know with a luxury timepiece that you’re getting the highest quality and durability possible.

The Martin Baker watch by British brand Bremont has been put through the same intensive, extensive testing schedule that ejection seats go through.

Try Before You Buy

With such an important purchase we suggest that you get a feel of the watch on your wrist before you commit.

Being able to try on multiple watches in your own time is important. 

That’s why family jewellers that house luxury branded timepieces are a great option because you don’t have to worry about crazy cues and they’ll likely have their own watch experts in house to help.

That combination can result in a stress-free shopping experience. Not to mention, a lot of independent family-owned jewellers offer interest free finance options so you can spread your payment of your timepiece instead of paying everything up front. 

Luxury Watch Shopping Can Be Overwhelming

There’s so many options out there and so much to choose from. 

As a starting point you’ll need to consider what brand, case size, movement, and strap best suits you.

Why not take the effort and guesswork out of it?

Imagine if you had an expert walk you step-by-step through the whole process and together, find the perfect watch for you.

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