Reinventing An Heirloom

How to transform your unworn sentimental jewellery into a one of a kind engagement ring

One Couple’s Story

Roger and Claire, a recently engaged couple in their late twenties were in the market for buying an engagement ring. Like so many couples, both Claire and Roger decided they wanted to choose the ring together as a couple. With their first child on the way and with the recent purchase of a new house they both agreed that although they wanted something of the highest quality and totally individual to their story, they didn’t want to break the bank.

After scrolling through many websites and visiting a bunch of jewellery stores they began to realise two disappointing things:

1. Most stores sell generic, mainstream engagement rings that are often very similar to each other (anyone can have them, they’re not special or unique).

2. When they found a design they liked, the diamond added a huge amount to the final price-tag, making it unaffordable for them at the time.

So, after much consideration Roger suggested the idea of using his Grandma’s old ring that he inherited a few years ago which has been gathering dust in his draw ever since. They both loved the idea of keeping a family heirloom alive and understood that by using the centre stone, this alone would greatly reduce the overall cost. 

After discovering about Reinvent jewellery service, they booked an appointment online to visit us in our York Engagement Suite.

Redesigning An Heirloom

Claire and Roger were met by our head designer and gemologist Michael Isaac. Along with having incredible imagination and a meticulous eye for detail, Michael also has a great understanding of the sentimental value that inherited jewellery can possess.

After carefully assessing Roger’s grandmother’s old ring he concluded that although the ring itself was extremely worn and in need of major restoration, the diamond itself was of premium quality.

Claire and Roger both expressed to Michael that they liked a halo design with split shoulders but they did not like the fact that they all seemed to look the same and lacked individuality. Michael also discovered Claire’s love for ballet, which she had studied since she was a little girl.

Using the very latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, Michael suggested two designs.

Idea 1

Inspired by the movement of ballet, a diamond shoe ribbon gracefully sweeps around the central stone.

Idea 2

The central stone gracefully set within a scintillating diamond tutu, mirroring a Ballerina performing a pirouette.

Both Claire and Roger instantly fell in love with the second design. As well as reinterpreting a classic halo design and Claire’s love for Ballet, Michael was also able to subtly incorporate some of the rose gold from the original ring.

The Three Week Transformation

Delighted with the design, Claire and Roger gave Michael the go ahead to pass the design on to the Master Craftsman to begin the transformation.

After receiving visual updates at each stage of the manufacturing journey both Claire and Roger were invited back three weeks later to see their heirloom reinvented into their very own one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Their bespoke ring was presented in a  luxurious presentation box, complete with a booklet containing beautifully rendered images detailing the ring’s entire journey, from concept to completion.

Why settle for an off-the-shelf ring design when you can have something truly unique?

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