Men's Wedding Ring Guide

Whilst putting all your thoughts and energies into finding the perfect engagement ring for your loved one in preparation for going down on one knee - you’ve probably thought very little about your own wedding ring. If that sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve made a simple guide to help separate the basics from the fundamentals. There are so many important factors to consider when purchasing a gent’s wedding ring, after all it needs to be perfect – you need to love it and then fall in love with it all over again.

If you’re a man, going in search of your own wedding ring can be quite a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult. Just like going in search of your groom’s suit, you’ll need to measure up first. A man’s wedding ring needs to fit him comfortably for work, leisure and travel, as well as for celebrating all those special occasions in life. To spare disappointment upon finding your dream wedding ring and then realising it’s not your fit, we recommend you measure your finger before going shopping. 

Choosing The Right Metal For Your Ring

Picking your favourite metal is about much more than just selecting what you like the look of best. Aside from aesthetics, metal choice will affect maintenance, cost and durability.

Platinum offers the whitest lustre of all precious metals. Whilst it’s also the rarest (thus comes in at a more premium price) , it is also the most durable, delivering a consistent white shine and retaining its “good as new” look for far longer than other metals. Men’s wedding rings crafted from platinum are also resistant to corrosion and are perfect for sensitive skins since the metal is hypoallergenic.

White Gold
White gold wedding rings, although requiring a rhodium plating, deliver a shine that can be likened to platinum. Mixed with other alloys to harden its qualities, it’s a particularly good choice in metal if you prefer modern wedding ring designs.

Yellow Gold
Men’s wedding rings crafted from yellow gold are a popular choice for those who like traditional wedding ring designs. Whilst 18ct variations contain more yellow gold, it is somewhat softer than 9ct, which contains more alloys for improving strength and durability.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding bands and engagement rings and is therefore ideal as a man’s wedding band if wanting to match the finish of his wife-to-be’s wedding ring.

2. Choose Your Width

It’s always advisable for you to try on some gent’s wedding rings with various widths to establish what your preference is. The ideal balance between size and price can be obtained by choosing a ring that is within your decided budget.

3. Decide on your preferred style

Gent’s wedding rings can come in four variations. Finding the ideal style to suit your requirements is an important factor since it will ensure maximum comfort.

D-Shaped Men’s Wedding Rings
With a rounded outer profile, this style of gent’s wedding ring is incredibly comfortable and practical. Its slim design features a flat interior for a close fit. This style of gent’s wedding ring is perfect for those with on-the-go or active lifestyles.

Classic Court Men’s Wedding Rings
Despite being completely different to the D-shape ring, the classic court style is one of the most popular styles. It features a rounded interior that reflects the exterior surface. Its shape is almost completely round which makes it so comfortable against the finger.

Flat Court Men’s Wedding Rings
this style of gent’s wedding ring combines the external surface of the flat type with the comfortable and smooth, rounded interior of the popularcourt ring.

Flat Men’s Wedding Rings
Flat style gent’s wedding bands offer something totally different to the classic court men’s wedding ring. Due to its profile, this style of wedding ring is not for everyone, so should be considered carefully and tried on for comfort before deciding upon.

4. Choose your finish

High Polished Men’s Wedding Bands
The most popular finish for a classic men’s wedding ring.

Matte Men’s Wadding Bands
Exude an understated modern feel upon the finger, delivering a less reflective finish.

Combination Men’s Wedding Bands
A mixture of polished finishes and matte finishes to create texture and add dimension to a design.

Hammered-Effect Men’s Wedding Bands
An ideal finish for those who like unusual and eye-catching jewellery designs with a textured finish.

Engraved Men’s Wedding Bands
Wedding rings with an engraved message on add more sentimental value to a design and are the perfect way to personalise a wedding band elegantly and subtly.

Custom Designed Men’s Wedding Bands
Custom designing your own ring is the one sure way to ensure that your design is a true one-off and like no other on the market.

Final Thoughts

With more styles, finishes, profiles and designs to choose from, there is no better time to start looking for your dream wedding ring than now. With a team of specialist experts on hand at Michael Isaac, we are more than happy to guide you through the process should you require additional information on our selection of men’s wedding rings.