The Bespoke Journey

The Journey of a bespoke engagement ring, from concept to creation.

Britain has a long history of designing beautiful bespoke engagement rings. Its reputation for world-class quality is a cornerstone of the culture. At Bradleys we wanted to continue that legacy. We have spent years honing our craft, constantly refining our methods that has allowed us to master the art of creating one-of-a-kind exceptionally crafted bespoke engagement and wedding rings that are not only affordable but will last for generations.

For hundreds of years jewelley manufacturing methods have stayed the same. Recently however, investments into innovation and technology have disrupted the traditional jewellery making process, opening up a new world of possibilities and creativity and at a more affordable price. We have integrated state of the art equipment such as the very latest CAD design software and a 3D laser printer into our headquarters allowing our customers, designers and master craftsmen to collaborate more efficiently.

Each day our small team of passionate artisans are hard at work, lovingly crafting some of the world's finest bespoke engagement rings that will be worn and passed down for generations.

In this article, we explore the typical journey of a bespoke engagement ring from concept to completion.

Stage 1. Developing Ideas With Sketches

The journey begins when a customer requests an appointment with us through our website. Shortly after they will be connected to our head designer Michael Isaac where they discuss their brief. This can take place either online, over the phone, or at one of our luxurious boutiques. This is a chance for the customer to share their thoughts, tastes and requirements with us, our designer will then develop mood boards and sketches that outline what the bespoke creation will look like

Stage 2. Choosing The Perfect Stone(s)

Not only do we have access to some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds but because we work directly with diamond cutters, we are able to cut out costly middlemen who each add their eye watering mark-ups.

Once the initial design has been outlined our GIA graduate gemologist works closely alongside the customer to pick the right stone(s) for the brief. Lending his expertise, he helps the customer make the right informed decision

2. Computer Rendered Images

We then use the latest cutting edge CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to produce lifelike rendered images of the sketch from a number of angles. This allows the customer to get a better understanding in regards to the scale of the ring and the more intricate design details.

3. Creating A Wax Sculpture

Next, once the customer is happy with the CAD design we use a 3D printer to create a wax sculpture of the piece which the customer can try on.

4. Handset, Finished & Uniquely Engraved

When the wax has been signed off it is then cast in the customers desired precious metal choice. Our master craftsman uses time tested techniques to assemble the castings and handset the stone(s). Every hand-finished ring goes through the highest quality and strength testing. Any extra details from milgrain patterns to Chamfered edging is done by hand with great care and attention.

Once the ring has passed quality control, it is then numbered and engraved. We’ll engrave a unique message on the ring in either your own handwriting or a font of your choice.

5. Luxurious Packaging

Finally, the bespoke engagement ring is presented in one of Bradleys luxurious presentation boxes, complete with a booklet containing beautifully rendered images detailing the rings entire journey from concept to completion. Also included is a lint free polishing cloth, a certificate of authenticity, a point of sale valuation and any relevant diamond certificates.

Why settle for off the shelf when you can have something truly unique? Book an appointment today and make choosing that perfect engagement ring an event to be remembered.


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