Eternity Ring Guide

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is symbolic of everlasting love and commitment. Aside from wedding bands and sparkling engagement rings, there is no better way to cherish the past, the present and the future of a relationship, than with a beautiful eternity ring. There are many reasons why you may want to invest in an eternity ring.

You may want to mark a special occasion or commemorate an anniversary with a loved one. Is your partner reaching a significant milestone in life? Or are you in search of the perfect gift for a friend to celebrate a lasting friendship? Many parents are purchasing eternity rings to signify their child’s graduation, whilst others just want to treat themselves to something luxurious and indulgent.

A brief history of the eternity ring

Traditionally, eternity rings were a symbolic gesture from husband to wife, to represent one’s undying love for another. The most common use of the eternity ring was to commemorate a 10th year wedding anniversary. Eternity rings were also gifted to a new mother upon the birth of her first child. For as far back as 4000 years ago, the Egyptians were documented to have worn eternity rings as a token of unity and eternal love, as opposed to marking a milestone in a marriage.

Many designs during this time portrayed the image of a snake eating its own tail – a common symbol for eternity. Eternity rings are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand as documented by the Romans, who fostered the romantic myth that this finger contained the “vein of love”.

When Should I Buy An Eternity Ring?

If you’re looking for a special way to show your appreciation for a loved one but don’t know where to start, an eternity ring is the perfect choice. Not only can you pick a style that best suits the lady in question, but you can also choose to incorporate her favourite gemstones into a bespoke design, or include a diamond shape that most represents her preferences for the classic diamond, along with her personality. There has certainly been a shift in the number of people wearing an eternity ring, and with that comes a number of different reasons. A new job, a new phase of life or the flourishing of a strong friendship to name just a few.

Diamond Or Coloured Gemstone?

You may already have decided whether your eternity ring will feature diamonds or gemstones. Both options have a number of benefits depending on the lady intended to wear it. With an array of different shapes to choose from, diamond eternity rings are perhaps the more popular choice out of the two, offering a classic look that is versatile for matching with other diamond jewellery pieces and all attires. Gemstones can add a pop of colour to the hand, often incorporating a baby’s birthstone or a gemstone of significance between the giver and the receiver. Many gemstone eternity rings incorporate diamonds within their design.

The Right Width For Your Eternity Ring

It’s always advisable for you to try on some gent’s wedding rings with various widths to establish what your preference is. The ideal balance between size and price can be obtained by choosing a ring that is within your decided budget.

Choosing The Right Stone Shapefor Your Eternity Ring?

Princess cut, baguette cut and round brilliant cut diamonds and gemstones are popular shapes featured in an eternity ring.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
A classic and popular choice of diamond shape which promises to yield maximum light reflection

Princess Cut Diamond
Versatile shape of diamond that can either be incorporated into modern or classic engagement ring designs

Emerald Cut Diamond
Howcasing breath-taking clarity, emerald cut diamonds are perfect for glamour-loving ladies who like luxurious, lavish designs.

Choosing The Right Metal For Your Ring

Ideally the type of precious metal chosen for your eternity ring should match the finish of your engagement ring or wedding band, since all three are staple pieces of jewellery to be worn every day for an entire lifetime. The metal you choose for your eternity ring will also affect maintenance, your budget and comfort.


The rarest and most precious of all metal types. Emitting a whiter lustre and retaining its high polish for longer than other metals, it also offers hypoallergenic and anti-corrosive properties

White Gold
Eternity rings are an option for those who are drawn to modern designs and look stunning with a myriad of different diamond shapes and coloured gemstones.

Yellow Gold
Eternity rings are perfect for those ladies who prefer traditional jewellery designs.

Rose Gold
Eternity rings can often exude an alluring vintage-inspired feel upon the hand.






Full Or Half Eternity Ring?

If one diamond is never normally enough for you or your lover, a full eternity ring may be the best option. A favourite gemstone, or the classic diamond is repeated all the way around the band in a full eternity ring design. Without a start or an end, this type of design denotes the real meaning of the eternity ring. Alternatively, a half eternity ring will showcase gemstones or diamonds at the front of the band only.

Choosing The Right Setting For Your Ring

Bar Setting Eternity Rings
Are ideal for those designs incorporating the same type of stone throughout the entire design since each stone is separated by a perpendicular-running bar of metal. This style often emits a contemporary finish.

Channel Set Eternity Rings
Are suitable for round brilliant diamonds and gemstones, and features metal forming a channel at both edges of the ring.

Rubber Set Eternity Rings
are suitable for round brilliant diamonds and gemstones, and features metal forming a channel at both edges of the ring.

Here at Michael Isaac, all our beautiful eternity rings can be tailored to your specific requirements through our exclusive bespoke service, where you can choose your preferred setting, precious metal, stones, width and style. All of our designs are created using ethically-sourced materials including our find diamonds for a rare and wonderful finish against the skin.