Diamond Shapes


The Basics

Enthusiasts looking for something a bit different are often impressed by the strong yet soft quality of the princess cut diamond.

This cut features a pyramidal shape with distinctive pointed corners, four bevelled sides, and angular lines, giving a contemporary, chic look.

The princess cut diamond ring accounts for a striking 30% of engagement rings sold today, making it the second most popular cut.


The princess cut is notable in that it features a geometric square cut, but still provides an incredible amount of fire - similar to the round or cushion cut diamond. In fact, compared to all other geometric square cuts, the princess cut takes the winning position for having the most brilliance.

The princess cut can contain 76 facets. In particular, the four cut chevron pattern generates a very high level of scintillation, which gives a gorgeous ‘crushed light’ appearance. No wonder princess cut diamond engagement rings are increasingly in style!

This cut involves a process that only wastes around 10-20% of the rough stone, making it more efficient to produce, with slightly lower end prices as a result.

The four cut chevron pattern is an excellent choice for customers who favour a less-linear light dispersion.

"To the naked eye, a princess cut diamond has the appearance of a perfect square. In practice, though, they’re slightly rectangular. We suggest that the optimum ratio for a princess cut is between 1.00-1.05."

Michael Isaac - Head Gemologist

Historical Background

The extremely popular princess cut diamond was conceived by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980, but they had been working on the design for several years. Its predecessors included the French cut. Initially, princess cut diamonds were sold under the brand ‘Quadrillion’ and distributed by Ambar Diamonds in Los Angeles. Ambar is still working today.

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