Diamond Shapes


The Basics

Not to be mistaken for the green-coloured emerald stone itself, the emerald cut diamond is a striking, elongated, rectangular shaped diamond that enhances wedding rings, engagement rings, and eternity rings alike. It features 57 facets and is distinguished by its cut-off corners and the straight, linear nature of the facets. These create a visual effect that has come to be known as the “Hall of Mirrors.”


Unlike the brilliance of round cut diamonds, the emerald cut is known for the beautiful flashes of light given by its linear facets. This creates an unusual, commanding appearance that is altogether quite different from the look of traditional brilliant cuts like the round or cushion shape.

An emerald cut diamond ring has great versatility and is a favourite of top designers. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing an emerald cut.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are a popular choice today, and they come in many different styles. You could try an Art Deco inspired design if you want to emphasise the structural look of an emerald cut.

We recommend a ratio of 1.40. If you prefer a more square appearance, then a lower ratio is better.

"Emerald cut diamonds do not have an official cut grade. However, we recommend checking for clarity first, due to the large, open facets of an emerald cut, which tend to make inclusions more visible. We suggest a VS1 clarity grade (at the very least) for an eye-clean appearance."

Michael Isaac - Head Gemologist

Historical Background

Amazingly, the emerald cut first became popular all the way back in the 14th century, mainly due to the fact that it reduced the amount of pressure needed for the cutting process - which in turn prevented chips and other damage to the gems.

The official term ‘emerald cut’ wasn’t coined until the age of art deco in the 1920s, though. All of a sudden, clean lines and symmetry were highly valued, and this tantalising design re-entered the public consciousness.

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