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Our Price Match Promise

Have you seen one of our pieces at a lower cost elsewhere? Please let us know so we can try to match the price if you choose to shop with us.

At Bradleys, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible prices across our entire product range. We are constantly keeping an eye on our competitors to ensure what we are asking for is up-to-date and fair. However, if you do find the same jewellery at a lower cost at an authorised retailer — we’ll happily adjust the price of our item accordingly. We wouldn’t expect you to pay more for the same product, so even if the price reduction is a result of a sale or promotion, we’ll still honour our price match guarantee.

Already purchased from us? It might not be too late. Our price match promise applies to purchases made within a 7-day window of when you notify us of a price difference elsewhere. We’ll simply refund the difference for up to 7 days after you shopped with us if you could kindly let us know some of the details. Please see our price match requirements as listed below.

Tell Us About Your Price Match Discovery

Please provide us with the name of the authorised retailer, the product description, the advertised asking price, and confirmation that the product is available for purchase now (and will be delivered within 2–3 days). We recommend taking a screenshot if the price is displayed online since we won’t be able to match prices when the stock or prices change. Click here or send an email to hello@bradleysthejewellers.com with the requested details.

If you have already bought an item from us in person, please come back to the store within 7 days of the purchase with your original receipt along with the information stated above regarding the competitor’s product.

Terms & Conditions

1. The product is identical in brand, colour, size, and model.

2. For diamond rings and jewellery, the price applies to the same metal and diamond shape, cut, colour, clarity and carat weight, (as verified by a diamond certification). The certificate also needs to be from the same grading body.

3. The retailer must be a national authorised stockist with a permanent physical store within 30 miles of a Bradleys store to be eligible.

4. The item must be in-stock and available for immediate purchase with the authorised stockist to complete the delivery within 2–3 days.

5. It may take up to 24 hours to verify the price match. Once verified, the purchase must be made within 7 days.

6. If the comparison is for an in-store product, physical evidence of the product and price must be provided.

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