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At Bradley’s, we understand that at the point of choosing a diamond for an engagement ring, you may not yet be at your best point financially. A few years later, you may have more disposable income available, and your taste may have changed as well. It’s common to want to exchange a diamond ring once your personal and financial standing changes. That is why we offer a unique diamond upgrade policy to exchange your initial diamond for a bigger and/or better option.

It’s also common for customers to wish to upgrade their diamond or ring design once a milestone anniversary or special event is around the corner. If this is the case for you, we can offer you various options to return your centre diamond and upgrade it to a larger or higher-quality stone. Please note that this policy only applies to earth-grown diamonds that carry a GIA certificate and that all upgrade requests are subject to approval by our head gemologist.

Once the upgrade policy is approved, it allows us to offer you a credit of 85% on the original value of the diamond, where the new sale value is at least 85% more than the original diamond. Kindly contact our customer service department through email or phone for a custom quote.

Please note that changes in the sizes of your diamond may require an adjustment to the ring setting or a complete remake of your ring. In this case, additional fees will apply. To be eligible for the policy, you will need to present the original GIA certificate. While we provide diamond upgrades, we don’t offer any ‘downgrades’ if you wish to exchange your diamond for one of a lower value.

For any questions or to get started on your diamond upgrade process, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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